• Know Your Farmer

    Know Your Farmer

    Jawhar Farms, a community-centric social enterprise in rural India, prioritizes sustainable agriculture and supports local farmers. Specializing in nutritive products like Ragi and Moringa, the farm fosters a connection from farm to table through the “Know Your Farmer” initiative. Their farm-to-table model promotes health, community empowerment, and sustainable living, inviting consumers to partake in the virtues of fair trade and transparency.

  • Jawhar: A Beautiful Contradiction

    Jawhar: A Beautiful Contradiction

    In the rolling hills of the Western Ghats in Maharashtra, there’s a beautiful place called Jawhar. It’s surrounded by lush green nature and is home to tribes who have lived there a very long time. Jawhar isn’t just any place; it’s like a treasure filled with old traditions and a deep love for nature. When […]