Our Story

Our Women

In Jawhar, the land of tribals in the Sahyadri range, women traditionally indulge in farming and live their lives close to nature. However, given the limited agricultural land and water shortage, they are forced to migrate as daily wage workers, leaving their kids undernourished. Motivated to make a living, a few women came together, and we started a mission to provide healthy millet snacks from their age-old wisdom for food. Though new to running a business, they have overcome challenges and proven traditional indigenous knowledge’s power.

Why Ragi ?? 🌾

Ragi, also known as Nachni/Nagi, has been preserved and worshipped by the tribal community for ages. Doctors recommend Ragi for diabetic patients but it has nutritional health benefits for all ages. In fact, the tribal community themselves consumes it daily. It has a lot of natural calcium, iron, protein and fibre. Seeing its benefit, the United Nations is celebrating 2023 as the International Year of Millets on the initiative of the Government of India.

The Story Behind it … 📖

While trying to include Ragi in the kid’s diet, we experimented and came up with ragi laddu and ragi cookies. We created a mouth-melting experience, loved by all, old and young. But do you know how this idea came about?

Jawhar is an area with a high malnutrition rate. And these products are highly nutritious and healthy. The best possible food serves as medicine! Not just that, farmers gain from these products, too. They are incentivized for every laddu and cookie sold. This inspires them to cultivate more and be confident about their crop. It is essential for a close-knit community like this on the hills to preserve a holy crop serving as a panacea.

These 11 women are proud to own their business and serve people. And we are proud to bring their story to you.

Want to be a part of their journey !! 😄

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Our Brand

Jawhar Farms is committed to 3 brand tenets:

  • Pure, fresh ingredients from the tribal organic farms of Jawhar
  • Going beyond charity to provide work for women
  • Nutritious, healthy, millet snacks