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Jawhar Farms is a social enterprise created with lot of love and passion. The involvement of the tribal community of Jawhar makes it not just an enterprise but a movement. And it has just started. Our Ragi products- also called as Nachni, Nagli, finger millet, are sourced from farms of tribal farmers. Since this crop is grown for self consumption, this is completely organic and natural. Throughout my stay in Jawhar, I felt connected to nature and consumed Ragi. The tribals worship Ragi as God. It is indeed a lifesaver, especially if you study about the malnutrition and famine history of Jawhar. This is not just our initiative, we have been called upon to do this. We live and love by the values of the land and its people. When you buy our products, feel the love with which our women have made it from the village. Feel the efforts of the farmers who depend on this crop for their life. Feel the rich calcium, iron and protein you get from the tribal farms. And last but not least, I congratulate you for choosing us for your own health, for the livelihood of the tribal women of Jawhar, for the farmers who are inspired to cultivate more Ragi and promoting an environment friendly crop. ~ Nishant S. (Founder, Jawhar Farms)

Read what our customers family have to say about us:

To Jawhar Farms, beautiful tribal women and their family

Sending my hearty gratitude for sharing such clean and healthy food stuff to this city lady. Thank you for bringing me and my family more close to nature and focusing more on eating healthy and exploring natural sources of protein especially plant based. Truly truly in love and support the initiative of Jawhar Farms for helping out our Tribal women and building up Jawhar. With so much of love and warmth. ~ Mital P.

Ragi Cookies- My comfort on a bad day and my partner-in-work and crime on a good day

Moving to Jawhar was a pleasant change – a beautiful terrain, fresh air and a calmer life but with it came a shift in appetite and not being able to figure out what to eat – something that is healthy, gives me energy and meets my taste buds – that is when I discovered the Ragi Cookies by Jawhar Farms – an enterprise that is being run by a good friend, Nishant. These cookies became my comfort on a bad day and my partner-in-work and crime on a good day. The most phenomenal part is that it is made from fresh farm produce by locals (Tais and Bhaiya) whose sweetness enhance the taste of the cookies a thousand times over. ~ Kashish

Loved Ragi Cookies and Laddoo

Me and my family, we all absolutely loved the ragi cookies and laddos.❤️ ~ Nachiket J.

Thoroughly enjoyed it

Gifted my family a box and they were delicious.
We could taste the rich taste of ragi and ghee. You know you’re eating something natural and straight from the kitchen. Loved that they’re not overly-sweet and that really enhances the experience of eating them (maybe too many at once haha). What a lovely letter they sent us a long with our package, ‘know your farmer’ is very good initiative. Thank you Tai and Mohan ji for bringing this to my family’s plate – we thoroughly enjoyed it 😊 ~ Pragati S.

Absolutely fantastic! Melts in my mouth

These cookies are absolutely fantastic! The way they melt in my mouth and the perfect balance of sweetness is just incredible. You’re truly a talented baker, and I feel so lucky to get to enjoy these treats. Thank you for sharing your delicious cookies with us! ~ Gitanshi S.

Know Your Farmer

Our Ragi (also known as ‘Nachni’, ‘Nagli’, ‘Madua’, ‘Finger millet’) is from the tribal farms of Jawhar. The tribal farmers cultivate Ragi with love and care for their own consumption and hence without any chemicals. It is naturally organic. With every cookie and laddu you are promoting and inspiring our farmers to cultivate more of this superfood crop.

Close-up of dried, cracked earth.

What’s the problem you are helping solve?

Jawhar is a beautiful region in the Sahyadri range inhabited by tribal people who still hold the true essence of nature. Every year lakhs of people come to enjoy the beauty but the local people migrate to cities due to changing climate and lack of income from their original profession of farming. Ragi/finger millet, also known locally as ‘Nachni’ or ‘Nagli’ has been their superfood for ages and they worship it as god, having benefits for all age groups. This is our mission to conserve local culture and narrate the story of true foods to the people.

Know Our Story

Jawhar Farms started as an initiative by Nishant Singh, who came to Jawhar on SBI fellowship project to understand the region leaving his corporate job in an MNC. This experiment ended in an enterprise to solve migration and malnutrition issues in this region. Soon Jawhar Farms became a health brand that started catering to customers who loved farm product and nutritious snacks.

Jawhar Farms celebrates the tribal people and culture of Jawhar. It is a tribal women run social enterprise who aims to promote village kids to consume more ragi products.